Yokomo Aluminum Adjustable Drift Suspension Mount Set


Product type: Suspension

Vendor: Yokomo



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This is an optional Yokomo Aluminum Suspension Mount Kit for the YD-2 series. This kit is the type that holds the suspension pin via a bushing made of resin. Fine adjustment of the suspension pin angle is possible by changing the bushing. It is also possible to lower the suspension pin position than the standard, widening the setting width.

The attached mounts are two for front A (39.5 - 42.7 mm), one for rear B (43.5 - 46.7 mm) and one for C (46.4 - 49.7 mm). Black bear edge treatment It also improves looks.


  • YOKB8-301A: Aluminum Suspension Mount "A"
  • YOKB8-301B: Aluminum Suspension Mount "B"
  • YOKB8-301C: Aluminum Suspension Mount "C"
  • YOKB8-301BS: Suspension Mount Bushing (x2)
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