NordicCrawl RC Nordic Dragon LCG chassis FULL KIT *FIRE and ICE* edition (RED carbon)


Product type: Chassis

Vendor: Nordic Crawl RC



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Product Details

1 x KIT Dragon chassis *FIRE and ICE* edition (3mm RED carbon rails) + 3d printed parts

  • KIT includes:
    1. Dragon chassis (16 degrees skid angle)
    2. Front Bumper (made from carbon, aluminium spacers and 3d printed parts)
    3. Winch mount (carbon plate + aluminium 6061 sides parts)
    4. Aluminium spacers / crossbars
    5. Printed skid (you can choose transmission: Dlux Portal Transmission, Scx10, TGH 2.low). It is possible to use mullet setup with reverse mounted TGH 2.low and axial AR44 front axle (with reversed cut diff gears) + axial AR45 rear axle.
    6. Sliders
    7. 4 x body mounts - aluminium 6061 (fits with 6mm round body mounts)
    8. Screws
  • Skid width is 78mm. Front and rear of chassis is pinched to 70mm (internal dimension)
  • Almost all holes in printed parts are threaded. Do not use electric screwdriver
  • You can use straight or portal axles
  • Can be used as Performance-scale, class 2, class 3 and cheater rig. You are only limited by your imagination

No CMS (chassis mount servo) option available, only SOA (servo on axle)

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