JConcepts 2.48"OD Scorpios 1.0" Micro Crawler Tires, Green Compound (2)


Product type: 1.0 Tires

Vendor: Jconcepts



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JConcepts Scorpios stand out with their distinctive scale-looking tread, notably tall size, and commanding profile. Delving into the tread pattern, the design team meticulously arranged the treads in a manner closely mirroring those found on 1:1 scale tires. The carefully crafted tread layout enhances the tire's adaptability, enabling seamless shifts from firm roads to dirt and further onto rugged and uneven landscapes. Upon acceleration, the tread spacing widens, facilitating robust traction for substantial digging capabilities. This makes the Scorpios exceptionally effective in dirt and muddy conditions, making them an ideal tire.

The Scorpios boast a finely sculpted edge to every individual tread block, exhibiting a gentle radius where the block interfaces with the tire's body. Additionally, each block is subtly incised on the top surface, generating pockets that promote effective slinging of debris. The outermost lug stretches downward onto the sidewall, effectively bolstering the upper carcass's rigidity and elevating pinch grip capabilities. Thanks to the compound's pliability and the closely spaced arrangement, the tire exudes a confident grip while preserving its essential visual appeal.


  • 1:1 inspired Tight knit design
  • Large sidewall lugs for pinch grip
  • standard 1.0” bead mounting diameter
  • Smooth contour inner carcass
  • Includes soft, open cell inserts


  • O.D.: 2.48in (63mm)


  • (2) Scorpios 1.0" Micro Crawler Tires
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