Vanquish 1.9 SKARN IFR Anodized Beadlock Rings- Bronze


Product type: 1.9 Wheels

Vendor: Vanquish



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Vanquish Products 1.9 IFR Ready Skarn Beadlock Ring. The IFR system has been developed to add color combinations and styles. A unique locking mechanism makes installation of the IFR ring simple. The IFR ring must be installed under this IFR Ready Original Beadlock Ring, so be sure to plan ahead before installing all 24 1-64 x 0.25" screws. Take the look a step further with some Vanquish Products Scale Hardware.

This IFR Ready Skarn Beadlock Ring has a machined step on the back side with 3 locking points unique to the IFR system. The beadlock ring can be used and functions exactly the same as non-IFR beadlock rings and does not require an inner IFR ring. Install an IFR ring to add depth and color to your wheel assembly.

  • Can be used in combination with Vanquish Products Method, KMC and OMF Vanquish wheels that utilize a bolt on outer beadlock ring*
  • ONE per package, but you MUST purchase FOUR
  • Does not include hardware
  • See image of exploded view
  • Works with IFR rings (Other colors available)

*Not compatible with Vanquish Products Method Roost, or Incision wheels.

**Due to the nature of anodizing aluminum, the shade of color may differ from the image shown or between batches.

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