Incision S8E Machined Aluminum Shock Cap - Blue


Product type: Shocks

Vendor: Incision



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S8E Machined Aluminum Shock Cap for Incision S8E shocks.  A snap fit nylon insert into the shock cap provides a slop free fitment while retaining the use of a upper pivot ball for smooth movement.  

Package Contains:

  • X2 Machined Aluminum Shock Cap
  • X2 Nylon insert with location pin for snap fitment into shock cap
  • X2 Stainless Steel pivot balls
  • X2 Bleeder Screws
  • X2 Bleeder screw washers

For use with S8E 80mm and S8E 90mm shocks. 

Shock cap uses a 9x7x1mm O-Ring.  S8E Shock Rebuild Kit


Due to the nature of anodizing aluminum, the shade of color may differ from the image shown.

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