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RS1 Monster Torque Servo

This RS1 was built specifically to be the strongest, fastest, and most durable Bec powered servo on the market! NSDRC built the alpha of all 8.4v servos available... Yes, stronger than the Futaba A700, Protek 1k, and all other competitors attempts! Not only is the RS1 more powerful, it's faster, more power efficient (7.5 amp peak draw), has a more durable gear train, and is more affordable! The RS1 is built with the highest quality parts, designed for the power and speed demands of competition level Rc. One of the most notable features of our RS1 servo is their industry leading 5 gear 4 pole gear train design. With the reduction of the 5 gears, durability and precision have been greatly increased over the standard 4 gear design. If you're looking for the highest performing bec powered servo available, you've found it! 


Operating Voltage: 5v - 8.4v 

Torque                                   Speed 

900oz/ 64kg @ 6v                0.14 sec @ 6v 

1100oz/ 79kg @ 7.4v           0.11 sec @ 7.4v 

1200+oz/ 87+kg@ 8.4v       0.09 sec @ 8.4v 


  • 7075 Aluminum CNC Casing
  • IP66 Water Resistant
  • 11 Point O-ring seal
  • Hardened Stainless Steel Gears
  • High Quality 4 pole Brushless Motor
  • Dual Ball Bearings
  • 25T Spline
  • Size: 40* 20* 38.7mm
  • Weight: 89 grams


The RS1 steering is capable of full 180 degree rotation, be sure to set your end points to prevent possible damage to your rc or servo! 

☆Requires a Castle 10 amp Bec or better. Low amp output esc's won't power this monster servo sufficiently and may not function properly. 

☆ For use with Spektrum receivers it is recommended to use a receiver bypass harness. Some Spektrum receivers cannot handle higher amp draw and will fail. 

Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime warranty on gears for original owner. 1 year warranty from all mechanical and electrical defects. We assume no liability of damage caused from excessive abuse, excess water damage, or use with voltage higher than recommended: 8.4v Max. Nothing is unbreakable! For all warranty issues you will need to send the servo back to us to be inspected.