Yokomo Rookie Drift RD2.0 Kit


Product type: Vehicle

Vendor: Yokomo



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 A new basic machine “Rookie Speed ​​RD2.0” released by Yokomo, a pioneer of drift radio control. With a design concept that emphasizes ease of driving, we have improved the base specs by improving the turning angle and ensuring rear grip so that even those who are trying out drift radio control for the first time can enjoy drifting right away. The chassis configuration also takes future expandability into consideration, and you can enjoy customization by installing optional parts.

■ New gear box (4 gears)
■ Front suspension mount (43.5mm)
■ Rear suspension mount for new short rear suspension arm
■ Rear short arm standard/new main chassis
■ New upper deck
■ New battery holder (for short and long batteries) )
■ New steering wiper & steering rack (5.5mm long wiper/Ackerman with modified/optimized mounting part for forward adjustment)
■ New rear ESC mount standard equipment
■ New front knuckle (uses SD2.0 standard)
■ New rear hub (Uses SD2.0 standard)
■ Revision of gearbox position (installed 5mm rearward, differential gear, motor center of gravity position revised)
■ New front suspension arm (4.5mm rod specification)
■ New front upper arm

Featured Yes
Length 16
Width 10
Height 4
Manufacturer YOKOMO
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