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Vanquish Ultra Heavy Duty Rebuildable Universal-style axle shaft for any AR60 axle

  • Fully constructed of domestic high strength chromoly steel
  • 5mm Stub Shaft Design*
  • Squared Locker Engagement Design - Features higher cross sectional area engagement for increased strength
  • Chromoly Spool is included and required for use with these axles
  • 12mm Clamping Hexes with 5mm thru bore
  • Comes hand assembled
  • Ultra high strength 4-way cross pin
  • Replaceable bushings for a longer lasting product
  • Full selection of rebuild and replacement parts available
  • Achieve up to 60 degree of steering angle
  • Design for maximum material between link mount screws, some rubbing may occur**
  • *5mm stub shaft requires the use of an 8mm driver to tighten the included lock nut.
  • Many 8mm drivers have too large of an outside diameter to fit into many wheels.
  • A compatible modified 8mm driver is available, let us know if you need help finding one.
  • **May require slight grinding of screws that hold lower link mounts.
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