Vanquish 4.75" VXT2 1.9 Rock Crawler Tires, Red Compound (2)


Product type: 1.9 Tires

Vendor: Vanquish



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The Vanquish Products VXT2 1.9" Rock Crawler Tires bring premium quality and unmatched off-road capabilities to the 1/10 scale crawling segment. Using extra soft RED compound rubber and paired with a medium density open cell foam inserts, these tires offer excellent grip while retaining the tire's sidewall shape under extreme loads. Where the rubber hits the trail Vanquish has been able to design a tread profile that combines the rock crawling performance one would expect but also uses an open tread pattern layout. The open tread allows mud and sand to be able to clear out easily, giving good overall performance in both loose and hard terrains. Vanquish has spent the extra time to give the VXT2 tires excellent performance in every condition making these tires a top choice.

  • 4.75” tall x 1.7" wide x 1.9" Wheel bead diameter
  • Vanquish Super Soft RED Compound Rubber
  • Medium density open cell foam


  • (2) VXT2 1.9" Rock Crawler Tires
  • (2) Open Cell Inserts
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