Vanquish Products M4 Machined Straight Rod Ends (Silver) (4)


Product type: Replacement Parts

Vendor: Vanquish



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  • (4) Machined Rod Ends
  • (4) Brass Tension Set Pieces
  • (4) M2.5 set screws (0.05in driver required)
  • (4) Pivot Balls
  • (1) Instructions
Assembly Notes:
  • Due to differences in assembly between a molded rod end and a machined rod end, these rod ends may not cinch down and may still rotate slightly when installed.
  • A small amount of thread lock should be used on the M2.5 set screw, excessive application of threadlock may cause the screw to be difficult to remove.
  • Thread lock is not needed on the M(4) threads for the installation onto the link.
  • Due to the nature of the small components patience is required during assembly. Careful inspection of orientation of components will allow easy setup upon initial assembly.
  • Not for use on links with reverse cut threads (IE SCX10 III & Capra)
  • Not recommended for extreme triangulated setups.  
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