Vanquish Hurtz Dig Unit V2 - 6 COLORS


Product type: Transmissions

Vendor: Vanquish



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Vanquish Products Aluminum Hurtz Shifter 3 Position Dig for Axial 3-Gear Transmissions

  • Updated dig unit was designed to increase the capability of your vehicle while maintaining maximum strength
  • Compatible with Axial SCX10, SCX10-II RTR and AX10. May also be used in Wraith by changing the transmission case to SCX style case.
  • Rear output is bearing supported for better driveline efficiency and cross drilled to work with thru pin style driveshafts
  • Rear output does not slide in and out, so driveshaft length is easier to manage
  • Servo mount is attached to dig case for simple installation
  • All drive parts are made from high quality and heat treated chromoly steel
  • Total shifter travel needed to shift to all three positions is 0.73 inches, a 24mm servo horn is recommended
  • Servo mount can use most standard size servos*
  • The lever design of the shifter means that you do not need an expensive servo to reliably operate this unit**
  • V2 design works with stock Axial 3-gear transmission cases as well as any Vanquish Products SCX10 transmission housing***


* Servo case designs and offsets vary by manufacturer, Holmes, Tekin, Hitec, Tactic, and some Savox servos have been tested to fit but not every model can be verified

** A radio with an open auxiliary channel and programmable end points is needed to ensure that the dig unit works properly and that your servo will not overheat

*** The Hurtz dig will mount onto most Axial 3 gear transmission cases that uses a bolt on metal motor plate.

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