Traxxas Axle Shafts, Front (2), Rear (2)/ Stub Axles, Front (2): TRX-4M, TRX4M


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Product type: Axles & Mods

Vendor: Traxxas



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Axle shafts, front (2), rear (2)/ stub axles, front (2) (hardened steel)/ 1.5x7.8mm pins (2)/ 1.5x6mm pins (4)/ cross pins (2).

Give your TRX-4M the ultimate drivetrain upgrade with the heavy-duty axle set. Made from high-grade hardened steel, the heavy-duty axle set is the ultimate in strength and durability. The set includes front and rear axle shafts, front stub axles, cross pins (2), 1.5x7.8 mm dowel pins (2), and 1.5x6mm dowel pins (4).