Team Garage Hack TGH Creeper-T Transfer Case


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Vendor: Team Garage Hack



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TGH Creeper-T

Domestic 7075-T6 Transfer cases

Case and shafts made in the U.S.A.

  • Case hardened gears
  • AX10 mounting pattern
  • 30% overdrive
  • 1.9:1 Front output ratio
  • 2.6:1 Rear output ratio
  • 29mm Short x 53mm Narrow x 15mm Thin
  • 2oz Total Weight  - Very Light
  • 2.5 x 12mm hardened pinned output gears
  • AVID RACING sealed rubber bearings
  • Greased w/ COW RC UDDER BUTTER
  • NOTE* Can be mounted on driver or passenger side of skid by way of flipping the gears and shafts inside the case.


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