Team Brood Maelstrom 540 TS2 Hand Wound 5 Segment 540 Crawling Motor (27T)


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The Brood Maelstrom TS2 Handwound 3 Segment 540 Crawling Motor is a power plant designed specifically to make insane torque and have superior braking and holding power. These Teardowns feature a CNC machined can that provides optimal performance over a stamped can due to the much more accurate tolerances. The Maelstrom utilizes a 3-Slot Straight Armature for the best possible torque and braking for your truck.

Each motor is custom built from the ground up, beginning with Exclusive teardowns. The armatures are hand wound with precision by the best in the business using optimized wire gauges for ultimate horsepower. Each armature is epoxy dipped to ensure durability and epoxy balanced to a zero tolerance for the smoothest power delivery possible. The assembly process is a rigorous one involving hand shimming, precise brush hood alignment, low impact break-in, and dyno testing. The result? Positively THE MOST POWER you can strap into your truck.

  • General:
    • Dual Magnet Can with TDK FB9 magnets - Maximizes torque and braking           
    • 1.2mm thick Black E-Coated Can - Strengthens the magnetic field for maximum torque and braking with a durable finish
    • Onboard Surface Mount Capacitors Reduces radio interference caused by electric motors
    • Adjustable Timing - Fine tune the motors powerband to optimal settings
    • Rebuildable - Can be rebuilt to provide maximum power and longevity
    • Dual Precision Ball Bearings - Reduces friction provides increased efficiency and power
    • Aluminum Heatsinks - Additional cooling provides for a more efficient motor
    • Standup Brushes -  Long lasting performance brushes
    • Springs - Optimal tension springs
  • Hand-Wound Armature:
    • Processed from start to finish using the state of the art techniques, materials and equipment.
    • Pattern wound by the best winders in the world using the highest grade copper wire
    • Welded using high-tech silver brazing rod
    • Epoxy dipped with the aerospace grade epoxy resin
    • Precision epoxy balanced
    • Tested with precision meters
    • Engraved with the wind on the armature shaft
  • Build Features: 
    • Diamond Trued Commutator - Provides a perfectly round cut
    • Zapped Magnets - Assures magnets are at full and even strength
    • Cleaned and Lubed Bearings - Allows for the smoothest operation
    • Precision-Spaced Armature - Centers the Armature in the magnetic field with minimal play 
    • Precision-Measured Springs - Assures both springs are at the optimal tension
    • Aligned Brush Hoods - Allows the brushes to make full contact allowing even wear and max power
    • Tested - Each component is tested on calibrated 
    • Dyno-Tuned - Guarantees the motor is producing its maximum power, rpm and torque
    • Fully Broken-In - Ready to install and run
    • 30 Day Limited Warranty
  • Build:
    • Poles: 2
    • Magnets: Dual TDK FB9
    • Brush Style: Standup
    • Voltage Input: 3.7v-14.8v
    • Break-In: 570 seconds at 3 volts, 30 seconds at 3.5 volts
    • Kv: 27t - 2150 KV; 30t - 1950 KV; 35t - 1750 KV; 40t - 1550 KV; 45t - 1350 KV; 55t - 1000 KV
  • Armature:
    • Construction: Handwound
    • Lamination Size: .014"
    • Stack Design: Straight
    • Slots: 3
    • Web: 4mm
    • Wire Type: Copper Round
    • Balance Type: Drill
  • Dimensions:
    • Weight: 6 ounces
    • Length: 54mm (2.125")
    • Diameter: 35.85mm (1.41")
    • Shaft Size: 3mm (1/8th)
    • Mounting Pattern: Standard 540 M3x25mm