SuperShafty Steering Servo Guard Armor


Product type: Axles & Mods

Vendor: SuperShafty



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This is SuperShafty Servo Guard Armor, and is intended for use with an Axle Mounted Servo. This piece was developed to protect the steering servo where the servo is exposed and prone to damage during normal use. 


  • Made of 7075 aluminum.
  • Available in several hard anodized colors.
  • Very Light Weight
  • Need to run a Servo horn that has a small step-out
Fits these known servos: 
  • Hitec HS-7950TH
  • Hitec HS-7955TG
  • Hitec HS-7954SH
  • Holmes HV500 & SHV500v2
  • 3Bros G13
  • JR DS8711HV
  • Savox 1230sg
  • MKS X5 HBL-550
  • Protek 370 tbl
  • ShiftsRC S2
  • Reefs Raw 500
  • (Please Message us to help us add to this list)
DOES NOT Fits these known servos without modification
  • Savox 2290 (Grinding needed for clearance)
  • SHV500v3 (Small inside file or grind needed to fit larger case of v3)
  • (Please Message us to add to this list)
Because of the guard not being flush with front of servo, a flat style horn will not always fit, We recommend a Servo Horn with Small Step out.

Some servos, the spline for the servo horn sticks out further than others. You might have to try different servo horns to see what works for your setup. 

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