SuperShafty Axial CAPRA - MIP CVD Driveshaft Kit


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This New kit is for the Axial CAPRA
Meant to get full contact with your MIP Spline Driveshafts.
MIP Spline Center CVD™ Kit for Axial CAPRA vehicles, replaces stock plastic drive shafts with a high quality drive shaft kit that requires no vehicle modification to install.
*This does NOT Fit the New 1.9 Wraith. But we do have that kit.



  • Hardened High Strength Alloy used for high power electric systems.
  • MIP Spline Technology to accommodate different variations in chassis length.
  • Drive Hubs to use Axial’s Stock Threaded Cross Pins (M3x11mm)
  • Black Oxide 
  • 100% Quality made in the USA!

Whats Included:

  • 2 x Male shaft
  • 2 x Standard Female shafts
  • 3 x Short Drive hubs
  • 1 x Medium Drive hubs for rear Transmission output
  • 4 x Cross Pins, Barrels, and Set Screws
  • 4 x Screw Pins (To attach to Pinion and output)

All parts are Genuine MIP™ Products