Spektrum RC 3S Smart LiPo Hard Case 100C Battery Pack w/IC5 Connector (11.1V/5000mAh)


Product type: Batteries

Vendor: Spektrum



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  • Spektrum Smart Technology Makes Charging and Maintaining Batteries Easy
  • Integrated Microship Stores Unique Parameters for Each Battery
  • IC3 and IC5 Connectors are Compatible with EC3 and EC5
  • Save Time and Hassle, while Improving Battery Life
  • Smart Discharge Allows Batteries to Automatically Discharge to a Safe Voltag

    Type: Smart Lipo
    Capacity: 5000mAh
    Voltage: 11.1v
    Connector Type: IC5
    Wire Guage: 12
    Number of Cells: 3
    Weight: 1.09lbs (495g)
    Configuration: 3S1P
    Length: 5.4in (138mm)
    Width: 1.8in (47mm)
    Height: 01.4in (35.2mm)
    Application: Surface
    Maximum Continuous Discharge: 100C 

    CHARGING NOTE: This battery can only be safely charged with a Spektrum Smart Battery Charger. NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, charge this battery using a non Spektrum Smart Battery Charger.  

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