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This is the gyro “REVOX” for RWD drift servo!

The new feature, ``Gyro Curve Setting,' was created after repeated tests in various situations over a long period of time. The initial curve value can be set in 6 stages according to skill, road surface conditions, course layout, etc. You can instantly enjoy optimal settings with a click of the setup switch. The stylish aluminum casing has greatly simplified switches, and its lightweight and compact design allows it to be easily installed even in small spaces. The ``gyro curve function'', ``end point function'', and ``reverse switching'' can all be set using a pair of setup switches and LEDs.

Please experience the state-of-the-art gyro "REVOX", which has the ultimate balance of maneuverability and ease of setting that will satisfy everyone from beginners to advanced users.

*The color of the setup switch will be changed from red to blue beginning with the Sept 2023 release.*

■Product dimensions
W: 21.5mm / D: 23.5mm / H: 9.5mm
■Product functions
・Gyro curve function: 6-step setting (initial setting value 3)
・End point function
・Reverse switching
・Gain adjustment: Adjustment width 0 to 100
■ Settings
- This product is only for transmitters and receivers with 3 channels or more.
- Please set the EPA of transmitter 1 channel (steering) to 55 or more.
- Please set the transmitter 3 channel EPA to 100
-The manual that comes with the ST servo states that 3ch EPA is recommended between 110 and 120, but when using REVOX, set the EPA to 100)

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