Reve D PC Rear 32mm Spring Set w/Storage Box (3 Pairs)


Product type: Shocks

Vendor: ReveD



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This package of Reve D PC Rear Springs provide you with an additional tuning option for RWD RC drift cars. The PC springs are specifically tuned for low grip conditions, specifically surfaces such as P tile, and colored concrete. This package includes three sets of springs, and are packaged inside of a small and compact plastic storage case.

In addition to the stiffness of the springs, the springs are reversible, providing another layer of fine adjustment to your suspension and chassis.

Pair the PC Rear Springs with the Reve D 0mm Aluminum Spring Retainers for the best spring performance.

PC Tuning Notes:
  • Line to line (double coil) facing down: Lower center of gravity (CG).
    • Improved stability/reduce excess suspension movement.
  • Line to line (double coil) facing up:  Higher center of gravity (CG).
    • Increased traction/harder tail kick under throttle/increased droop.

PC Spring Specifications:

  • Medium (Black):
    • Length: 32mm
    • Number of Turns: 10.5
  • Medium Hard (Yellow):
    • Length: 32mm
    • Number of Turns: 10
  • Hard (Red):
    • Length: 32mm
    • Number of Turns: 9.5
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