RC4WD Miniature Scale Hex Bolts (M2 x 8mm) (Black)


Product type: Hubs & Hardware & Rotors

Vendor: RC4WD



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RC4WD Miniature Scale Hex Bolts

The first scale hex bolts made for R/C. Taking scale to the next level.


  • High grade steel
  • Durable black or silver finishes

What's Included:

  • 20x Miniature Scale Hex Bolts (M2 x 8mm) (Black)

Optional Parts:

  • RC4WD 4pc Precision Metric Hex/Nut Driver Set (Z-F0030)


  • Uses Miniature Scale Hex Bolt Tool (M2 Hex) (Z-S0626)
  • These hex bolts are very small, do not over tighten them.
  • You can use your hand if you don't have the special lug tool.
  • RC4WD recommends the use of their special tool for best results.
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