RC4WD 4.70" Milastar 1.9 Patagonia M/T (2)


Product type: 1.9 Tires

Vendor: RC4WD



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These are a set of two RC4WD Milestar Patagonia M/T 1.9" Scale Rock Crawler Tires. This set has a unique tread pattern that mimics the Patagonia Mountains from South America. RC4WD has taken this tire and made an extremely capable and great looking product for the scale off-road enthusiast. The RC4WD Milester Patagonia MT 1.9" 4.7" Tires have so much detail on them you won't be able to tell the different between them and the real full size tires. Full of scale details that speak for themselves. Lean in and check out the real safety warning, zoom in on the marquee letters and notice the fine details lines in each of them. These tires would work perfectly on the scale build where utility is the main focus. These mud tires will work great in all manner of driving conditions, from mud, sand, rocks, and forest trails. Their large size will work great on Traxxas, Axial, and many other scale trucks.

  • Advanced X2S³ Compound 
  • Fits 1.9" Wheels
Outer Diameter: 4.70in / 119.5mm
Width: 1.86in / 47.4mm 
Inner Diameter: 1.81in / 46.0mm 
Each Tire Weight: 3.89oz / 110.3g

  • (2) RC4WD Milester Patagonia MT 1.9" 4.7-Tires
  • (2) Foam Inserts
  • (1) Milester Decal Sheet

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