Crawler Innovations "Double Deuce 5.5" 2.2 Heavy Weight Crawler Foam w/Comp Cut Inner (2) (Firm Outer)


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Vendor: Crawler Innovations



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Crawler Innovations was the first to combine closed cell and open cell foam into one package. The Double Deuce Foams have been around since the beginning and are made from the best compounds available. The Double Deuce Dual Stage Foam design is for all high-performance applications where grip and traction are essential. Available in a variety of compounds and sizes, the Double Deuce Crawler Foams are the perfect addition for your new tires.

The Heavy Weight product line is for heavy rc crawlers and speed applications. Supports weights 10 pounds and heavier

Sold as a pair.

These Heavy Weight inserts feature a Competition Cut, closed cell inner foam, with a Firm conventional or open cell density outer foam. The closed cell inner foam is super dense, water proof, is not temperature sensitive and is extremely durable. The conventional outer foam is not temperature sensitive, but it is not water proof.

The "Comp Cut" inner has three grooves machined into the area where the outer and inner meet. The machined grooves allow for the outer foam to collapse into them resulting in a much more responsive tire. The inner foam width is 1.75" and is machined for 1" width wheels, but they will fit any size wheel/rim from .7" to 1.35".

The 5.5" is the 3rd largest inner in the Double Deuce Dual Stage foam line.

Approximate size: 5.5" Height x 2.25" Width

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