Pro-Line Big Bore Scaler Shocks (90mm) (2)


Product type: Shocks

Vendor: Pro-Line



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This is a set of two Pro-Line 90mm Big Bore Scaler Shocks. The large (nearly 11mm) bore allows the Big Bore Shocks to function correctly as true performance shocks due to the larger oil volume in the shock body. The shocks feature CNC machined Aluminum Shock Caps, Collars, Bodies, Bottom Caps, and Hard Chrome Coated Steel Shock Shafts all made to exacting tolerances. X-Ring seals (PRO6343-01 for replacements) are used as the main shaft seal for smooth, low friction action and to prevent leaks. 

The Big Bores are stylish with Chrome and Black anodizing and a large P-L logo engraved into the shock cap. Pro-Line also engineered an updated dual-rate spring design made from a single spring that saves space and has incredible scale looks and performance. Optional softer and firmer dual-rate springs are available in the Big Bore Scaler Shock Spring Assortment (6343-02). The lower spring perch is captured, so you always know it will stay where it belongs. From the top mounting hole to the bottom mounting hole, these Big Bore Scaler Shocks measure out to be 90mm at full extended length and collapse down to about 64mm (when the rubber bump stop is removed) and they include extra 5mm longer Shock Ends to increase the shock length. The Big Bores come mostly pre-built (just add oil) and are designed to fit many popular crawler vehicles.


  • Best Performing Scale Shocks Pro-Line Has Ever Made
  • Big Bore Holds More Oil for Better Performance
  • Pre-Assembled, Just Fill and Go
  • Single Low Friction X-Ring Seal Prevents Leaks
  • CNC Machined Parts Made to Exacting Tolerances
  • Optional +5mm Shock Ends Included
  • Dual Rate Single Spring Design
  • Hard Chrome Coated Shock Shaft
  • Captured Lower Spring Perch
  • Rebuild Kit and Spring Assortment Sold Separately
Extended: 90mm-95mm
Collapsed: 64mm-69mm

  • (2) Big Bore Scaler Shocks (90mm-95mm)
  • (2) +5mm Shock Ends
  • (2) Standard Upper Pivot Balls
  • (4) Captured Upper Pivot Balls
  • (4) Metal Mounting Washers
  • (8) Optional 1mm and 2mm Plastic Internal Shock Limiters
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