Pro-Line 4.8" Dumont Paddle F/R 2.2/3.0 Pre-Mounted SC 12mm (2) Black


Product type: 2.2 Tires

Vendor: Pro-Line



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  • Extreme Paddle Tires for Sand and Snow
  • Latest Paddle Tire Technology - Large Offset V-shaped Tread
  • Incredible Performance and Style!
  • Made from Very Stiff and Long-lasting Paddle Tire Rubber
  • Closed Cell Foam Inserts Included
  • Made in the USA, since 1982
Wheel Hex Size: 12mm
Package Type: Pre-Mounted
Tire Type: Paddle
Vehicle Type: Short Course Truck
Product Width: 1.83" (46 mm)
Scale: 1/10
Inner Tire/Outer Wheel Diameter: 2.2/3.0 in
Wheel Position: Front/Rear
Compound/Hardness: Medium
Tire Tread: Dumont Paddle
Product Height: 4.8" (122 mm)
Track: Sand/Snow 
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