Powershift RC PST-200 Servo Winch Low Pro w/ 4S In-Line Add-On


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Product type: electronics

Vendor: Powershift RC



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The PST servo winch series

Low Pro - 200 with 4S In-Line Add-On

When space is limited, and you don't want to sacrifice power/torque, the PST-200 is what you've been waiting for. While giving you some weight saving gains at the same time! Great for scale RC's needing all the space you can for those detailed interiors, or just not a lot of room for those busy chassis'.

Comes with:

  • 250lbs winch line
  • Machined winch hook

Nerdy Specs:

  • 200 oz of torque
  • .11 transit time

Weighs 44.5 g

PST-200 Dimensions 40.5x20.3x28

This winch is recommended to be used with a 5-7lb rig as a assisted recovery tool.

Winch Controller is a 12.6v Max Voltage