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RS700 Low Profile High Torque Servo 

Our RS700 is the highest performing low profile servo on the market. Not only is the RS700 more powerful, it's more power efficient, has a more durable geartrain, and is more affordable than the competition!  If you're looking for that extra performance edge in your build, the RS700 is what you need. Saving you weight, and space, without sacrificing performance! The RS700 is built with the highest quality parts, designed for the performance demands of competition level Rc. One of the most notable features of our RS700 servo is our industry leading 5 gear 4 pole gear train design. With the reduction of the 5 gears, durability and precision have been greatly increased over the standard 4 gear design.   

Operating Voltage: 8.4v - 16.8v 

Torque                                       Speed 

515oz/ 37kg @ 8.4v                0.21 sec @ 8.4v 

730oz/ 53kg @ 12.6v              0.15 sec @ 12.6v 

905+oz/ 65kg @ 16.8v            0.11 sec @ 16.8v 


  • Direct power 8.4v - 16.8v
  • All Aluminum CNC casing
  • IP66 rated water resistant, Do Not Submerge
  • Hardened stainless steel gears
  • High Quality Coreless Motor
  • High Accuracy encoder
  • Spline: 25T
  • Dimension: 40 x 20 x 29mm
  • Weight: 64g


☆Optional higher speed gears available offering up to 0.09 speed & 800oz @ 16.8v 

 Not Recommended for rock bouncers / bashers

☆The power connection plug, or power switch on your esc, MUST be disconnected/ turned off when not in use to prevent damage to the servo and/or battery! 


Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year