SuperShafty NEW & Improved - Wraith / SMT10 MIP Spline Center CVD Driveshaft Kit - Exclusive


Product type: Drive Shafts

Vendor: SuperShafty



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This New and Improved kit is for the WRAITH, or SMT10 and other Long Wheel base rigs.

Meant to get full contact with your MIP Spline Driveshafts.
These Exclusive MIP Male Bones give you an extra 3/4" more Contact then the Standard MIP Male Bone
Switching to the longer shaft, and shorter hub, will also give you better driveline angles. And more Clearance. 
MIP Spline Center CVD™ Kit for Axial Wraith vehicles, replaces stock plastic drive shafts with a high quality drive shaft kit that requires no vehicle modification to install.
*This does NOT Fit the New 1.9 Wraith. But we do have that kit.



  • Hardened High Strength Alloy used for high power electric systems.
  • MIP Spline Technology to accommodate different variations in chassis length.
  • Drive Hubs to use Axial’s Stock Threaded Cross Pins (M3x11mm)
  • Black Oxide 
  • 100% Quality made in the USA!

Whats Included:

  • 2 x SuperShafty "Exclusive" Male shaft
  • 2 x Standard Female shafts
  • 4 x Short Drive hubs
  • 4 x Cross Pins, Barrels, and Set Screws
  • 4 x Screw Pins (To attach to Pinion and output)


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