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We are doing Mystery boxes again. Please READ the whole listing before buying.

A few changes that you should be aware of.

  • LIMITED TO ONE PURCHASE PER CUSTOMER PER WEEK (If you try to buy more than one at a time, it will be refunded and restocked) 

  • We will be adding a few boxes each week.
  • Don't see one in the price range you want, Check back often.
  • BUT compared to last year, we are doing a VERY limited number of boxes this year. 
  • EACH and every box is a different price. No 2 boxes have the same contents. 
  • When choosing shipping, please do NOT choose a Small Flat Rate box, If you are overcharged for shipping, you will be refunded. 


Details about what's in the boxes.

  • It could be ANYTHING in the Key City Hobby store. 
  • Everything you receive will be at a minimum of 75% of retail price. (25% off) Some items will be discounted by as much as 50%.

DISCLAIMER. (yeah I know...)

  • This is a Mystery box.
  • That means you are taking a chance about what's inside.
  • You might LOVE everything in your box.
  • You might not LOVE any of it.
  • You are GUARANTEED the value of the box you buy. We have very specific lists about what is in each box, so if you think you got shorted, I would be happy to go over it with you. 
  • We will not be taking returns of boxes.
  • If you don't love your box, you don't have to keep it. Feel free to sell it to someone else. 
  • Enjoy. This is JUST for fun. Good Luck.