SuperShafty MIP "SHORT" MAD Shafts


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Product type: Drive Shafts

Vendor: SuperShafty



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The same reliable MIP Driveshafts you've come to know and love
are now being produced for your Monster Truck with 8mm Ball Ends sold by SuperShafty.

These Driveshafts are 4 1/4" bottomed out and extend to 4 3/4"" or a little more if needed

You can order your new MIP "MAD SHAFTS" with different MIP ball ends
So maybe you want 8mm at one end and 6mm at the other
Or maybe you need 5mm at both ends
Please leave us a note or send us an email if you want anything other than 8mm MIP ball ends 


These Driveshafts are NOT a direct fit for the KYOSHO KRUISER VE
They will work on the KYOSHO Kruiser VE but you will need to mod the Chassis and relocate 
The Swing arms (See our KYOSHO Section in our forum)