Lattice Innovations Deringer Body



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The Deringer body is for the 2.2 Modified & 2.2 Shafty Competition Spec crawlers.

The Deringer body is in full compliance with the 2016 body rules.

It is slightly larger than 8" long and 3" wide

The height can be adjusted anywhere between 3" and 4", depending on how you cut it

The Deringer will help you shed some g's off the top half of your rig, will help your rig get back on all 4's, and will help you squeeze past those rocks without getting hung up on your old body-less chassis.

The Deringer is made of vacuum formed from .030" polycarbonate sheet and will be shipped clear with a protective film on the outside.

The Deringer weighs ~18 grams
Weights will vary slightly depending on how you cut it.