Killerbody 1977 Skyline 2000 GT-ES 1/10 Touring Car Body (Clear)


Product type: vehicle body

Vendor: Killerbody RC



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The Killerbody 1977 Skyline 2000 GT-ES Pre-Painted 1/10 Touring Car Body is a great option body intended for drift or touring cars with a 257mm wheelbase and 190-200mm width. Using a 200mm chassis will allow for a more "stanced" look, while the 190mm chassis will give a more tucked look. This body comes uncut and clear allowing you to give it a custom paint scheme. The body mount holes have also not been cut allowing for fitment on a wide variety of chassis, also allowing for optional magnetic body mounts. This clear body set features molded light buckets, exhaust tips, grill, doorknobs and more to add further detail. Package includes one clear body and two side mirrors.

  • Great option for drift or touring cars
  • Fits vehicles with a 257mm wheelbase and a 190-200mm width (depending on fitment preference) 
  • Fits a variety of chassis
  • Allows the use of optional magnetic body mounts
Material: 1.0mm/0.039" Polycarbonate
Wheelbase: 257 mm
Width: 190-200 mm
Color: Clear
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