JConcepts 2.48" (63MM) Ruptures, Green Compound - 1.0" Tires


Product type: 1.0 Tires

Vendor: Jconcepts



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The super soft green compound grips like a monster, while the tall (63mm) profile JConcepts tire for 1.0” wheels tackles even the most treacherous terrain. The Ruptures are that extremely tacky yet versatile tire 1/24th crawling drivers’ lust for. The design starts with a layout of individual “large-islands” that react to directional and forward loading characteristics like a soft gummy candy. The long horizontal attack bars are connected to solid sidewall detail which braces the sidewall for high impact situations. 

The center “mini-islands” help maintain spinning speed and at half height provide some space to sling clean during those dirty trail runs. The entire top level of tread has built-in cuts and recessing which provide a sharp edge. A sidewall radial rib connected with a dual position arrow helps maintain stability and helps the driver squeak out of a tough situation. The carcass itself is extremely pliable which conforms to most obstacles.

Inside the carcass, a smooth contour design blends carefully into the sidewall and bead area. The tires include a soft open cell foam insert capable of standing up the super soft compound but flexible enough for sharp terrain. Scale a path to JConcepts for that all important traction, consistency and all out performance from the company known for World Proven Innovation and Design.


  • Aggressive pattern and design
  • 63mm overall size without insert
  • Super Soft, Green compound
  • Large and Mini Island directional tread
  • Horizontal attack bars
  • Hefty sidewall bar support and radial ribs
  • Smooth contour inner carcass
  • Includes soft, open cell insert
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