Incision 43/13 AR60 Gear Set


Product type: Pinions & Gears

Vendor: Incision



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The Incision AR60 Steel 43/13 Underdrive Gear Set fits all Axial AR60 based axles, as well as the SCX10 and AX10 style axle housing (AXI80003). These underdrive ratio gears are an option for the Axial HD Underdrive gear set (AXI30402), and feature helical cut teeth for improved gear mesh to reduce slop in the drive train. Plus, the 43/13 tooth count will deliver reduced wheel speed and will help to reduce torque twist.

  • 38t Ring Gear and 13t Pinion gear matches the gear ratio of the stock axle
  • Machined from steel and heat treated
  • Helical Gear Teeth for increased strength
  • Use 38/13 Front (INCIRC00283) ~ 43/13 - Rear to reduce torque twist in the rear and overdrive the front axle to help pull you through climbs easier.
  • Use 43/13 in the front and rear to lower your gear ratio.
NOTE: Also compatible with original SCX10 and AX10
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