Hot Racing Capra Portal Axle Gear Set 22/13


Product type: Pinions & Gears

Vendor: Hot Racing



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Hot Racing Capra Portal Axle Gear Set


OVERDRIVE - 22/13 Gears

  • Suggested for use in the front axle only
  • 10% Difference in portal gear ratio, compared to stock gears.
  • CNC machined 4140 steel, case hardened for durability
  • Stronger than stock 
  • Overdriving the front, helps with steep climbs and turning radius
  • 4 gears included. Enough for one axle. (2) 13T drive gear (2) 22T output gear
  • Laser marked silver for easy ratio identification

Installing on Capra to replace Axial stock Portal Gear Set AXI232007

Curious about why overdrive? Check here for more information.

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