Hot Racing Axial SCX24 0.5M Spur Gear Conversion


Product type: Pinions & Gears

Vendor: Hot Racing



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The Hot Racing Axial SCX24 0.5M Spur Gear Conversion combines a .5 mod nylon pinion and an aluminum spur to provide increased strength and durability in the SCX24 drivetrain. This is incredibly beneficial if you have added weight to the chassis, or when driving technical terrain, as there is less risk of failure with the stronger material and larger tooth pitch.

  • CNC machined Nylon and Aluminum construction
  • .5 Mod tooth pitch for increased durability
  • Replacement pinion gear: HRASXTF08M05
Number of Teeth: 8 (pinion), 32 (spur)
Gear Pitch: .5 Mod



  • (1) CNC Nylon 8 Tooth 0.5 Mod Pinion Gear 
  • (1) CNC Aluminum 32 Tooth 0.5 Mod Spur Gear
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