Hot Racing Arrma 4x4 BLX Steel Helical Differential Ring/Pinion


Product type: Pinions & Gears

Vendor: Hot Racing



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This is a Hot Racing Arrma 4x4 BLX Steel Helical Diff Ring and Pinion, an optional steel helical spiral 37T/13T gear set for Arrma 1/10 4WD. The 37T/13T gear set is the stock gear ratio.

  • Precision machined helical spiral cut gears offer inherently greater strength and smooth operation than the factory bevel gears. (it has been updated to 15g lighter)
  • High carbon steel construction
  • Stronger than the stock bevel Plastic gears
  • Maintains the stock 37T/13T ratio
Weight: 32.35oz (66.75g)

  • (1) 37 tooth diff spiral cut ring gear
  • (1) 13 tooth spiral cut pinion gear
To be used with ARAC4023 Composite Diff case Cover Or HRAATF11A01 Aluminum Diff case Cover.
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