Holmes Hobbies TorqueMaster Sport Micro 050 66t


Product type: Motor

Vendor: Holmes Hobbies



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The Torquemaster Sport Micro 050 is a budget motor built for 1/18 to 1/24th scale vehicles. It includes an installed 11t 0.3mod pinion and extremely high strength neodymium magnets to pack maximum value into your motor swap! It delivers stronger drag brake and torque delivery than stock or regular aftermarket motors. May need vehicle modification or aftermarket motor mounting plate to fit. This motor is not universal for all micro or mini vehicles. Does not include wires. FEATURES: Zero timing, universal installation and rotation direction 1.5mm shaft diameter 15mm OD x 28.5mm length (not including shaft) 17g weight "050" standard mounting holes Lubricated Bronze Bushings High strength Neodymium magnets.

Motor carries 30 day manufacturer warranty. Manufacturer warranty does not cover water damage, overgearing, or overheating.

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