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IMPORTANT! For use in the Axial Wraith on 3s lipo (11.1v) you must use a 16t pinion to avoid overheating the motor!

When you need the smoothest power delivery available, the Crawlmaster Pro is the best choice. Holmes guarantees the finest parts and construction techniques available. Our building team has a combined 45 years of experience. We have provided motors for 1st place competitors, robotics, and off road vehicles around the world!

Our professionally crafted motors begin with Japanese quality parts and USA hand winding and assembling. Armatures feature pattern winds with specific wire sizes to suit your needs. Wind termination is reinforced using high-temp silver alloys with state of the art resin impregnated coils. All armatures are precision balanced and the commutator is diamond trued. One cannot build a finer or more precise motor!


  • Hand-Wound Armature – Our pro-level armatures feature a 1-3 pattern hand-wound wind with specific wire sizes developed to take all that your high power electronics can dish out. We optimize copper fill for best power and torque. Wind termination is reinforced using high-temp silver alloys, with state of the art epoxy resin impregnated coils. All armatures are then dynamically balanced with epoxy and the commutator is diamond trued. All armatures are stamped with wind. One cannot build a finer or more precise armature!
  • Standup brushes and 7.5mm commutator maximize power and motor longevity
  • Gold plated copper brush hood to resist corrosion and provide lowest resistance
  • 5 slot armature- offers the finest low speed control and efficiency
  • Epoxy balancing for highest torque and efficiency
  • 1.4mm thick can features minimal venting and two FB9 magnets to maximize torque and efficiency
  • Dual ball bearings
  • Adjustable timing
  • 0.55mm extra Heavy springs for consistent drag brake
  • 6.15 ounce finished weight with medium wire fill


  • 6 degrees of timing advance is popular and will not adversely affect motor life. When advanced timing is requested, it is our choice unless otherwise requested. With no timing requested we time motors at zero for no risk of improper installation
  • Brushes are bolted on with standard construction. If you prefer a soldered brush we will do this at no charge.
  • Custom winds are available upon request, and this option can be used to secure out of stock winds before they become available. If you have any questions regarding how we can fill your need, just contact us!
All Kv (rpm per volt) measurements taken at zero timing, no load, and 7 volts:
  • 11t = 2675Kv
  • 13t = 2250Kv
  • 16t = 1850Kv
  • 20t = 1500Kv
More information about motor rotation and timing can be found on our blog.
Every brushed motor carries a 30 day warranty to cover manufacturing defects. Damage caused by improper gearing is not covered under warranty.
Please check here to see if you will need to change your gearing. If your vehicle is not listed, please contact us.