Holmes Hobbies Crawlmaster Magnum Stubby 13T


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CrawlMaster Magnum 540 13t- High torque, smoothest startup, lightweight and small! .

Please allow 2 weeks for assembly and manufacture. These are currently made to order.

The Magnum is a performance oriented brushed motor designed with a larger rotor diameter and more powerful Neodymium magnets, when compared to the regular TorqueMaster and CrawlMaster Pro 540. This motor was born out of prototype work for our team drivers and a love for the hobby. The "Stubby" version is smaller and lighter, specifically for competitive drivers who want top performance in a small and light package


  • 200c rated Neodymium Magnets
  • 5 slot 28mm diameter armature
  • Holmes XXX springs
  • Holmes soft copper brushes
  • 136g
  • Standard 540 mount
  • 36mm diameter, 46.4mm length
  • 1/8" shaft
  • fully rebuildable and compatible with many Holmes 540 motor endbell parts
  • 35,000rpm @ 12v
  • XXXX amp no load @ 5v
More information about motor rotation and timing can be found on our blog.
Every brushed motor carries a 30 day warranty to cover manufacturing defects. Damage caused by improper gearing is not covered under warranty.
Please check here to see if you will need to change your gearing. If your vehicle is not listed, please contact us.
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