EXO Matterhorn Pro Chassis Kit


Product type: Chassis

Vendor: EXO



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The Matterhorn's name originates from one of the most popular mountain climbs in the world, located between Italy and Switzerland.

Featuring a forward skid that has been designed around Dlux Superlites but will also work with other axles. This unique design has been tested and tweaked to provide the best link geometry and shock position options to really tune your individual set up and has competed across the nation with multiple top 5 finishes 

the Matterhorn Kit will include the following:

-Matterhorn Chassis 

-PA12 3D Printed Roof

-PA12 3D Printed Hood

-Machined Delrin Skid Plate

-Carbon Fiber Chassis Brace

-Chassis Sliders

-Battery Tray Motor Guard

-Rear Motor Guard

-Gr5 Titanium 12.5" Link Kit

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