Exo Floating Servo Mounts


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Mount your winch or other servo virtually anywhere with our Floating Servo Mounts. Instructions below.

-Made of 7075 Aluminum

-Mount winch to chassis in your area of choice using a 1/8” drill bit


1. Install Floating Servo Mount (FSM) onto servo with bolts just snug enough so that it can still be moved. 
2. Mark ends of FSM to be installed with a paint marker or other form of marker. 
3. Press the Servo with FSM installed onto your intended mounting area while the paint is still wet to mark the space to drill. 
4. Use 1/8” drill bit to drill the center of the marked space on the intended mounting area.
5. Use 6mm long m3 Allen head bolts to install FSM into drilled holes while servo is still installed. 
6. Tighten bolts securing servo to FSM.