Exo Cut to Length Drive Shaft


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Exo Cut to Length Drive Shaft

This exclusive Exo Cut to Length Drive Shaft is perfect for Crawlers, Scalers and Sportys.

Made of Heat Treated Gr5 Titanium with Heat Treated Chromoly Steel Pins and Barrels. When Heat Treated, Gr5 Titanium is 10-15% stronger then Steel while weighing about 40% less.

Reducing the rotational weight of your drivetrain significantly, this reduces torque twist, decreases overall weight up high and decreases stress on the motor leading to cooler operating temperatures. 

- Cut to Length Style w/ Set Screw 

-68mm - 228mm (2.68" to 9") Length Range Measurement

-5mm Input Ends

-Shaft Etched with Millimeter measurements to assist with measuring and cutting

-10mm Heavy Duty Slip Joint

-10mm Diameter Collars