Dynamite Speedpack2 6-Cell NiMh Battery Pack (7.2V/900mAh) w/EC3 Connector


Product type: Batteries

Vendor: Dynamite



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Dynamite Speedpack2 6-Cell NiMh Battery w/EC3 Connector. These sport packs feature capacity ratings ranging from 900mAh to 5100mAh, making it easier than ever to choose the right NiMH battery for your vehicle. Additionally, Speedpack 2 batteries are fully compatible with the Dynamite Dashboard app. The Dynamite Dashboard app seamlessly integrates the batteries with the Dynamite Passport Series of chargers and brings real-time monitoring to your mobile device.

Battery Voltage: 7.2V
Length: 2.00" (52mm)
Width: 1.30" (33mm)
Height: 1.20" (30mm)
Capacity: 900mAh
Maximum Charge Rate: 1C
Normal/Standard Charge Current: 0.9A
Maximum Charge Current: 0.9A
Connector Type: EC3
Cell Configuration: Square
Number of Cells: 3
Charge Protection Circuitry: No
Hard Case: No
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