Dlux Mini Capra Shock Set, Fits Axial UTB18


Product type: Shocks

Vendor: Dlux



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Product Details

Dlux shock set for the 1:18th scale Axial Mini Capra UTB18.

Dlux has figured out the perfect shock absorber combination for the Mini Capra. Lowers the right height a bit in the rear, and a bit more up front to give just a bit of an angled belly to help with breakovers. They put this package together to save folks some money and time compared to buying all the same parts individually.


Ultra short shocks (80mm)

Offset shock caps

Axial width rod end balls - wider than standard shock balls

short rod ends on the bottom, and standard on top

Ultra soft front springs, soft rear


***Price is per set of 4 shocks***

***No shock oil is included, whether assembled or unassembled, you will need to add oil before use***

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