Crawler Innovations Lil Nova 4.50" Crawler Foam w/Comp Cut Inner (2) (Soft Outer)


Product type: Foams

Vendor: Crawler Innovations



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This is a pack of two Crawler Innovations Lil' Nova 4.5" Dual Stage Crawler Tire Inserts. These inserts feature a comp cut inner foam, with a soft density outer foam. Crawler Innovations has brought a unique material and insert design to the crawler world that will dramatically improve the performance of your rig. The Lil' Nova design features a closed cell inner foam combined with a conventional over sized outer foam insert.

The "Comp Cut" inner insert has three grooves machined into the area where the outer and inner meet. The machined grooves allow for the outer foam to collapse into them resulting in a much more responsive tire. 

The 4.5 Size is the recommended for heavier trucks. The Inner Foam Width fits 1" wide bead lock wheels and the outer foam is Over-Sized on purpose to encase the closed cell inner, and to provide for weight support.

NOTE: Typically, you want to use a firmer foam in the rear than what you use in the front. This will help to prevent the truck from transferring weight to the rear, causing the front end to lift when climbing obstacles or steep grades. Additionally, the heavier the truck, the firmer insert you will want to use. Package includes two foams. Foams are available in soft (CWR-2024), medium (CWR-2025) and firm (CWR-2026) densities. 
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