Treal 1.0 Beadlock Wheels(4P-Set) for Axial SCX24 with Brass Rings Weighted 22.4g-B Type



Product type: 1.0 Wheels

Vendor: Treal



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Product Description

Treal 1.0 Beadlock Wheels(4P-Set) for Axial SCX24 1/24 Crawler Brass Ring Weighted 22.4g


- 1.0'' wheel size for 7mm Hex drive 1:24 scale crawler
-Beadlock design,with 15 screws for top rings and 5 screws for the hex
-Precision CNC machined aluminum 6061 Rims
Brass rings (balck coated) to add weight and help the crawler performance
-Color options:
Red rims+ Black top rings;
Grey rims+Black top rings;
Black rims+ Black top rings;
Red rims+Silver top rings;
Grey rims + Silver top rings;
Black rims + Silver top rings;
Black rims+green top rings;
Silver rims+green top rings


-Outer Diameter: 31mm(1.22")
-Width: 12.7mm (0.5")
-Weight: Approx 22.4 grams(0.049 lb) per wheel (fully assembled)
-Hex Hub: 7mm(0.275'')
-Axle Through Hole Dia.: 3mm(0.118'')
-Screws: M1.4*4


Package Includes:

-Aluminum Wheel rims with Brass Rings assemble kit 4pcs