Team Ottsix Voodoo 1.9 Standard Series HALO WebWrap 3.4 YELLOW Dot Foams - 2 foam inserts


Product type: Foams

Vendor: Team Ottsix



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Unique Waterproof and flow through 2 stage foam insert design with a waterproof closed cell inner ring for exceptional side-hill control, and a unique outer waterproof and flow through web like foam for exceptional drive feel. 

****Not sure which Halo foam is right for your application?  Please refer to the chart included in this listing, it is very very accurate.

Use Halo WebWrap foams with 1.9 name brand tires such as Voodoo, Pitbull, ProLine, RC4WD, and others. 

This item is not recommended for 4.19 tires. 

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