BowHouse RC TRX-4 Molded Low CG Battery Tray


Product type: Battery Accessories

Vendor: BowHouse RC



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The BowHouse RC TRX-4 Molded Low CG Battery Tray is an injection molded option that allows you to take advantage of lower battery placement by holding the battery lower in the frame for the ultimate in low CG performance. The tray was designed using 3D imaging technology to take full advantage of nearly every available cubic millimeter to lower the battery tray floor, lowering the center of gravity and making more room for more battery options!

The tray is molded from a durable nylon compound and features a matte finish with polished BowHouse logo in the center that blends in with the stock parts perfectly. Plus, the package now includes the XL rear chassis brace! Previously, this was an accessory that had to be purchased separately - so now you can make room for stick packs up to 158mm long and hang them lower in the frame. If your goal is to maximize the performance of your TRX-4, without impacting the scale look of the truck, this battery tray is a must have upgrade!

NOTE: 200mm battery strap is recommended.

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