Bingo RC Designs Wasp MAX AWB Chassis


Product type: Chassis

Vendor: Bingo RC Designs



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Bingo RC Designs Wasp MAX AWB Chassis for RDX

The fully adjustable wheelbase chassis for the Reve D RDX!

The Bingo Wasp MAX AWB RDX chassis is essentially installed the same as the standard Wasp MAX chassis but you can easily change the wheelbase by loosening 4 screws, sliding the rear chassis to the desired position, and then tightening the screws again. You can fit bodies with a wheelbase of 225mm to 274mm, like the Kyosho Fazer bodies, which typically have a wheelbase of 274mm, or any real-grade bodies with longer or shorter wheelbases than the standard 257mm. With the optional Xtra Long slide plate, you can extend the wheelbase up to 324mm and mount Traxxas 4-Tec bodies which have wheelbases that go up to 300mm!


  • Designed for Reve D RDX specifically. 
  • Yokomo top stay required for YD2 platforms. .
  • Requires "shorty" style battery pack.
  • Does not include battery tray.


  • Wheelbases from 225-274mm

Package Contents:

  • Chassis
  • Adjustable upper braces
  • Hardware


Installation Instructions

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