Racing Performer Yokomo 12mm Hex High Traction RWD Drift Wheels (Yellow) (2) (6mm Offset)


Product type: Drift Wheels

Vendor: Racing Performer



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These are the Yokomo Racing Performer High Traction RWD Drift Wheels, with a 12mm hex and 6mm offset. These high traction type RP wheels are freshly designed, pursuing to the limit of traction and tracking ability on low grip road surfaces.

By maintaining high circularity accuracy and giving it moderate flexibility, it induces "deflection" during throttle operation, greatly improving traction performance. The rib on the back side of the wheel is also a bold cut, reducing interference with the arm, realizing more stable steering control.

The design which treated the rim part black is 1 inch down size, fits street style bodies.

NOTE: These wheels cannot be mounted on resin/plastic/composite disk wheel hubs of standard drift packages. Please use aluminum clamp type hub hexes.

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